How to dry chili

The main reason to learn how to dry hot peppers is simply to enable you to keep them for a long time. Dried chiles can last from several months to a few years if store properly. Drying chili peppers is an ideal way to preserve an abundant harvest or leftover supply for future use.

In this video i show you how i dry my chili peppers in the oven to make chili flakes. You can also string the chilies up on string or thread and hang to dry. Within several weeks, you will have dried chili peppers and you can grind . There is an optimum temperature to make dried chillies at their best conditions. Celsius is the appropriate temperature to dry chillies. A compact guide from World of Chillies to preserving chillies by drying, pickling and. Drying peppers is a good and easy method of how to store peppers for months.

Storing Chili Peppers – How To Dry Hot Peppers. Whether you grow your own hot peppers or purchase them from the produce section, there are many different ways to prepare and preserve hot peppers. Peppers with thinner skins such as tabasco and cayenne peppers will take only a few hours. Remove the dried peppers from the plants when they are ready. The chili pepper is one family of crop that just keeps on giving.


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