Swissvax endurance

Hva, hvordan og hvor kjapt kan man få det levert? Neida – ble bare litt nyskjerrig etter at Endurance ble nevnt . Requires Heat Lamps or the vehicle to be is moderate sunlight.

Please note: Before the wax is applied for the first time, it is . Endurance is a professional version of Swissvax Shield. It has a considerably higher PTFE content and is designed for extended durability even in harsh . Swissvax Endurance selges for å rydde opp i samlingen. Bilpleiehobbyen har stanset litt opp pga andre prosjekter. Swissvax Endurance protection detail by CleanDetail of Doncaster South Yorkshire. Swissvax is the preferred product for Car Care.

Swissvax Endurance is a Paint Protection product. Swissvax Endurance som ble lagt for 10mnd siden. Her er det ikke gjort noe etterbehandling av lakk etter påføring i fjor sommer, kun regelmessig håndvask. Today I had a pretty easy job, getting this Saab cleaned up for a great customer of mine. DeVille Detailing BMW Series 116d Protection Detail Swissvax Endurance Altrincham Cheshire Manchester. Its not available yet in the UK, I have heard many things regarding it and its durability since I became authorised (nearly years ago).

The 9has been a huge success for Porsche, so much so they recently celebrated its 50th anniversary. Bentley Mulsanne With Swissvax Endurance. Welcome to another post from us here at PD. This time its a genuine piece of automotive luxury, the Bentley . Porsche 99Carrera 4S Full Paintwork Correction, RUPES UHS System Swissvax Endurance. Vi behandler derfor alle våre biler med Swissvax, et kvalitetsprodukt innenfor bilpleieprodukter. Swissvax Car protection detail is ideal for any vehicle. This includes a full decontamination, paint cleance and an application of Swissvax Endurance year wax. Swissvax Endurance is a paint protection product preferred by Swissvax which is preferred for Car Care. Swissvax Endurance (Swissvax 耐力蠟) 200ml. SWISSVAX, 是創立於1930年的瑞士頂級汽車美容精品,一直以來,皆以它金字塔頂端的客層與其精確的美容成效 .


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