Ps4 1tb vs 500gb

Sony’s hardware revision is only around in the 500GB model right now. And it still remains that you can upgrade your own PS4’s hard drive . TB-versjonen fortsatt er CUH-110 men at 500GB er CUH-1200.

I’m going to buy a PSin april so im trying to see if i should get the 500gb or 1tb and i’ve seen that apparently the 1tb has older hardware . You may not want to buy the 1TB PSconsole just yet according to new reports. TB without a doubt, I filled up my 500GB within a year. I’m buying a psso I can play fallout, and noticed that there two sizes of the console. A 500GB costs about 35 while a TB costs around 400. Salve a tutti raga, ho una domanda da farvi. Vorrei chiedervi, se foste voi, quale tra le due console vi fareste?

Sony has unveiled the 1TB version of the PlayStation (PS4). The company has also revealed that the new 500GB PSwill be lighter and more. For dager siden – PSPro vs PSSlim vs PS4: 4K HDR gaming. Sony decided on a standard 1TB HDD for the latest model. The original PScame with a 500GB HD as does the standard PSSlim.


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