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Skulle hjelpe en venn å vaske bilen hans (Skoda superb) før vinteren satt inn. Gyeon Q2M wetcoat – Dine bilpleieprodukter8. GYEON Q2M WetCoat + Vinduspyler veske = ? Test: Gyeon Q2M Wetcoat – Test av produkter9. BufretLignendeDet er anbefalt å påføre WetCoat direkte etter vask, mens bilen fremdeles er våt. GYEON Q2M WetCoat er en revolusjerende forsegling. Movie shows the GYEON Q2M WetCoat – worlds easiest way to protect and shine your car ! Q2M WetCoat – DET FINNES IKKE ENKLERE OG RASKERE LAKKBESKYTTELSE. Q2M WetCoat gir en meget sterk hydrofobe effekt. BOX CONTAINS: Q2M WetCoat 5ml OR 10ml OR 40ml.

GYEON Q2M WetCoat is a revolutionary spray sealant that offers instant durable protection in minutes – simply spray-on and rinse-off. Gyeon Q2M Wetcoat product overview: Here we have Gyeon Q2M Wetcoat at work and a post wash spray . As a result of using SiO2-rich polymers, GYEON Q2M WETCOAT lays down a hydrophobic coating that enhances surface gloss and strongly repels water, dirt . One of basic qualities of HQ coatings is making your everyday care much easier and less frequent. Therefore Q2M WetCoat is probably the easiest way to . A little bit of introduction on GYEON Q2M BATHE+ and GYEON Q2M WET. While Q2M WET COAT is a revolutionary spray sealant that offer a .


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