Cheese slicer history

Thor Bjørklund (October 3 18– December 1975) was a Norwegian inventor. He is best known as the inventor of a popular cheese slicer which developed . The cheese slicer is a tool that has played an important role in Swedish cheese culture – although it is a Norwegian invention.

Thor Bjørklund (1889-1975) from Lillehammer invented the cheese slicer in 1925. But we are proud of the few we have got: The cheese slicer, the. Norwegian Johan Vaaler has long been considered as the inventor of the . The History of Cheesecake and Cream Cheese. The cheese-slicer is a Norwegian invention. On a hot summer day in 19Thor Bjørklund had his lunch break in his carpenter-workshop at Lillehammer. The cheese slicer – Osthyvel Posted by Katja on Feb 20in Culture, foo Living in Sweden.

While they had plenty of other culinary talents, the Native Americans were not a cheese-making people. Well, it appears, the cheese slicer has a history. Yes, cheese has a rather romantic history also but today, I would like to focus on the cutter itself .


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